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The Perfect Under Car Companions

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What can I say? We are big fans of MYCHANIC. I first saw them at the 2016 AAPEX show and was blown away by their cool design on garage staples. Smart Jumper Cables, SideKick Stool, and several LED Lights. The Sidekick Stool and lights were a big help when we were re-wiring Project Riff-Raff.

Today we picked up a POD Light and the Tool Creeper. How cool are these tools? The Tool Creeper is super handy on keeping all those fasteners and tools together in one place and not scattered on the floor.

I brought them over to my friends at Cambra Speed Shop to take a look. Johnny was installing a Hilborn Fuel Injection system on a really nice 3-window Deuce. Johnny was saying the tool creeper is cool because now all the stuff can be off the floor while I’m working. Johnny said he doesn’t use creepers that much because the cars are usually so low, but having to reach around on the floor when you’re on your back is a pain. Now you know where everything is.

Same thing with Joey as he was buttoning up a ’66 Jaguar. Super handy to have keep all the parts and tools together. Ron Cambra digs it because it’s another tool to help his guys be more efficient. If they get the job done just a bit faster, then that’s good for his shop’s bottom line.

For me at my home garage, it’s awesome to put the cleaning supplies in when I’m cleaning the cars or bikes too. How did we live so long without it?

The POD Light is equally cool. We have the MEK tripod light, the PIK light with the telescopic magnet on the end and the Flex Light. What I really dig about the pod light is how sturdy it is, how small it is, and how flexible. It’s great in tight areas such as under the dash. The tool creeper has a steel plate perfect for the POD light. Great for casting light up underneath a usually dark area when rolling around on your back under a car.


About Delk

DELK, founded in 2001, is a small, fast-growing and privately held Consumer Product Company based in Nashville, TN. They design and distribute products across the U.S. and in over nine countries abroad. The company’s marquee automotive brands include MYCHANIC® and FrostGuard® - winner of QVC's 2014 Product Concept of the Year.

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